Thoughts from the Waterside

   As a responsible father, I have tried my best to bring my kids outdoors with varying results.  Do they like it? Wellll, for the most part, yes.  My photos over the years are filled with enough rivers, forests, and mountains to fill a small country.  And, my children populate a good portion.  So, what are the varying results?  Well, the main issue for me is worry….The what ifs in life that seem to dance around my head like a sinister willow the wisp.  What if we see a bear???  What if the next wasp sting brings about anaphylactic shock???  What if we fall and can’t get up???  And yet….we still go…My pockets are lined with pepper spray (bears), knives (for god knows what) and whatever useful item may enter my suggestible mind.  And we go.  The following are some thoughts I had after a recent fishing trip.  It was in a boat and they were just not safe…….

What if the waves weren’t so friendly? They always look blue, inviting and cool… Idealy it would be nice to dive right in to feel the water just wash all over your body like a million magic fingers..
But, that’s the problem… The waves look very friendly…very sweet… But they’re not always…
I was looking in the water today and, as usual, it made me feel good… But, it was a little dark….a little deep….a little secretive… This was not a place to dip a toe…or an arm…
I was there with my kids, and I love them so… They were pretty clueless of just what the water could offer… But, I really don’t think they wanted to swim there…
Thank god, because although this water was pretty…and alive… It was too alive…much to alive…. Fine to look at…and fish in….
But, really to dark, deep, and secretive…. My kids really just don’t know how dark… But, that’s ok…I love them so…I love them so…

This whole experience leads me to wonder about the outdoors as it pertains to life.  so many things we may bravely do or pass up out of fear.  Sometimes we wisely take a safe path while other times turning away because of unnecessary worry.  I’m certainly glad no one fell out of the boat that day.  It really did look like a deathtrap.  Buttttttt, I know there are going to be times that caution is a detriment or a stumbling block in the way of progress.  Will I be able to recognize the shady glens from the perilous swamps?  Only time will tell I suppose….In the meantime, with the wind at my back, the outdoors remains a good, if not chaotic friend.

 David 3/17/12 from under a sky so blue

12 thoughts on “Thoughts from the Waterside

  1. The water (just like many other things in life) can be so beautiful yet so dangerous! You live and you learn. I’m sure your sons are being taught by the best on how to handle any situation! 🙂

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