Random Sleepy Thoughts

Sun shines through the trees….The stream chatters endlessly….Peace descends like fog.

That haiku is everything I love about nature in seventeen short syllables.  The contrast of light and dark as the sun pierces though ever reaching tree limbs thrills me.  The sound of water flowing over its cobblestone nest excites me in an almost primal way…And, entering the wild brings a sense of belonging that I simply do not feel in my everyday surroundings….

I really have to wonder why I feel like this?  My parents took me to our state and national parks quite often, but many a child has gone the exact opposite route of the parental influence….It feels like a small ember that burns lightly as I go through my everyday activities.  an ember that is really not even noticeable until I step out of my urban surroundings….At that point, the ember that was almost extinguished…That tiny spark barely noticeable suddenly ignites with a pure intensity….

I feel truly alive outside, and I do not really know why.  The energy that I feel is definitely NOT with me during my everyday life!  But, that’s alright.  Life isn’t life without contrasts and it’s hard to appreciate the highs unless you endure the lows…Being under the stars, in a forest or by a stream represent so much that is good in this world…And, I for one feel blessed to have these feelings….

Night falls in silence…The fire carves through gloomy dark….blessed sweet comfort…

David L Whitman 03/18/2012 from under a sky so blue…


8 thoughts on “Random Sleepy Thoughts

  1. In reference to “but many a child has gone the exact opposite route of the parental influence”. Just because some may have missed out on this while during their childhood – does not mean that the person is not aware and perhaps has had their own independent personal moments with nature. Mother nature is quite powerful:)

  2. I know what you mean. When I’m in the woods, it’s spiritual. I try to do it once a week. If I don’t, there is an absolute decline in my attitude, mood and outlook. It’s a recharge for me and I can completely relate to how you feel when you are outdoors.

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