Agua de Muerte

When I take the time to think of what really pulls me outside, water is on top of the list.  I may adore the mountains, but cascading liquid tugs at me in a way most magnetic.  I may love the florida forests, but it is the cool springs that truly have me in their icy clutches….The following is a poem written after a visit to one of our lovely springs……

Enveloping aqua swirls down, caressing, coccooning, metamorphasizing…
Gliding coolly, smoothly, all sounds forgotten save my hearts steady tempo..
Deeper and deeper I sink, the aqua sphere a single minded metronome…
Thoughts flip through my head, a slide show of memories soon forgotten….
Fuel leaks through my lungs with no refill in sight…
Eyes slowly close as a cool fire enters with velvet smoothness…
My hands reach out as my body continues to fall…
Fathom by fathom.
To a place
Where not even my dreams may reach…

David L Whitman  03/20/2012 from under a sky so blue….


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