New Dawn Breaks…..

            I wake at five in the morning for school….Despite all the negatives, (such as my currently burning eyes) I love one particular thing…I have become a willing participant in the sun’s morning ritual…Just like fingerprints, each one is a little bit different.  And, similar to a good book, each one gives me a tiny lift for whatever the day may hold…..


true light, blind eyes…..

with a lift and glow so wise…

nature’s sweetly given prize…..

heartbeat…pulse pounds…

sun bakes… the ground…

with a glance without a sound…

beauty bathes me all around…

I find it hard to believe that anyone could stumble across one of these unique gifts of nature and not have at least a split second of wonder….To see the sun rise or sink…..To see the vivid colors play and dart around an ever-changing horizon is a gift that perhaps we haven’t earned.  But, it’s a gift nonetheless and I accept it gratefully….

David L. Whitman 03/22/2012 from under a sky so blue….


5 thoughts on “New Dawn Breaks…..

  1. I have always thought of the sunrise as my reminder to make the most of the new opportunity given to me and the sunset as a reminder to reflect if I did make the most of it.

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