Fragility Exposed….

Contemplating a career as a shark....

I’ve been all over Florida to swim….Yet, I’m not a day beach person (at night different story).  I choose instead to go to what may be Florida’s greatest resource.  We sit upon fragile limestone under which an almost endless underground river flows….The great florida aquifer constantly replenishes our state with life-giving cool fresh water.  The aquifer breaks to the surface at many points in the state and that is where a spring is formed….We have many, and all are beautiful in one way or the other.  The above photo is from Alexander springs in the Ocala National Forrest…And, it is one of many examples why we should never over water our grass just for that “extra green look”  The rain will take care of your grass.  But, we need to take care of these treasures of nature….

Here rises Alexander Springs...

Flowing, growing, never slowing…..

 rainbows of the deep….

Cooling, fooling, brightly jewling…..

 softly do you sleep…

Crashing, brashing ever thrashing….

 beauty will I keep…

Hissing, missing sweetly kissing….

Loud without a peep…

Feel you flow within me,

sweet rainbow of the deep…

Drown inside your cool embrace,

forever will I sleep….

David L. Whitman 02/25/2012 from under a sky so blue….


4 thoughts on “Fragility Exposed….

  1. I like your line – “this is why we should never water our grass, the rain will take care of that.” No greater truth. And then to think what we use just for cutting the grass – I read numbers a few years ago, and it was brain-numbing. And nauseating.

    Take care.

    • No one waters the forest, yet look how green and lush it is…Native species will always adapt to what nature gives….I know…so much energy and resources go into a green lawn:(

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