Tetsuo and where have my feelings gone?

Tetsuo: The Iron Man

Tetsuo: The Iron Man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is solitude?

Disappearing within a sullen wood

changing form beneath the yawning branches

Is that solitude?
To grasp the face of craggy rocks

To descend into a dank cave

Light only glimpsed through tendrilled glows…

Is that loneliness?
To travel silently amongst the living…

Breathing and working as a faceless entity

Ripping the tape off and passing through the red door.

To be ignored


Lost in a world of machines…

closer but yet so far…

Cables meld to flesh yet input is not met….

an outcast
To communicate from inside a cage..

To be trapped within your own thoughts

On the other side of the red door

lonely and waiting
Is this solitude?

Alone with your only friend who is not there at all

smiling sweetly within the night

with infinite, crimson patience…..


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