Needs Over Wants…


Swimming. (Photo credit: The U.S. National Archives)

An air freshener with a scent of the forest….An app with the soothing sounds of waterfalls and waves….Lovely paintings of everything and anything from the outdoors….All of these things are available  and freely accessable….Yet, the thing I miss the most, touch, is only available by going outside….The kiss of the sun or the flow of cool water over my skin is something that tomorrow must bring…And tomorrow, despite being only a day away, cannot come fast enough…

Swiftly stroking

never choking

wash my pain away…

gliding quickly

always swiftly

smiling at the day..

drifting down cool around..

the water that I lay..

right back in Once again

Here I wish to stay…

Now at peace

Life off lease

no matter come what may…

David L. Whitman 03/30/2012 from under a sky so blue


4 thoughts on “Needs Over Wants…

  1. Hope you are not disappointed that it’s me again! Stalker Sam. I find much comfort in your words. Especially at morning sunrise and as the sunsets. This is how I feel, too. So many gifts are right within our reach…to touch…and swim in nature….truly is bliss. And, yes, to wash the pain away. Ahhhhh. Makes me want to go hug Fred my tree, again. Nice to know more of your journey…little by little. Sam of the evergreen (hugs) 😉

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