The Battle

Day vs. Night

 There was a fight for dominance…

When day and night sought prominence…


Day made things grow so fast…

Night is best was saved for last…


Day sent people off to work….

Night thought sleep was special perk…


Day did burn like thousand suns…

Night had ice for slippery fun…


Fight went on for thousand years….

Both of them had closed their ears…


When finally night had evidence….

Of why she rose to dominance…


In the night you see no sun….

But, moon is in the day for fun…


I reside within your land….

While you have never touched my hand….


Day was shamed beyond belief….

Night had stolen like a thief….


The crown that sat upon her head…

Mouth closed now she never said….


Another word another pity….

quietly sat above the city….


While parties reigned throughout the night…

To celebrate eternal fight…


Night had won, the day was done….

the only one to best the sun!

David L. Whitman 04/03/2012 from under a sky so blue…


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