Abandoned and Forgotten….

Old run down abandoned bridge..


Well, here is me at my oddest….About 2 kilometers into Saturday’s hike, this large brick wall appeared down by the river….It was overgrown and almost more green than its original red, brick color.  Taking a closer look revealed it to be an old bridge.  At this point, it was closer to a graffiti repository than a bridge….And, if you saw how remote this spot was, you might wonder when a bridge was ever used around here.


It was on the walk back that I became the ultimate sad sack.  The structure was still sturdy but unused.  It had no real purpose anymore, and it’s pretty obvious that very few even knew it was there.  Andddd, this saddened me.  It really reminded me of an elderly individual who is no longer visited by the family.  Probably silly, but those are the thoughts that go through my head….


Into the trees, along the path, beside the brook, I found you…

You were crumbling,

so I fortified you…

you were dirty,

So I wiped you off…

You were sad,

so I hugged you….

You were crying,

so I dried your tears….

you asked me to stay,

But I could not…

Our worlds juxtaposed for a moment…

And then tore apart again…

I may return again one day…

Then again…I may not…


David L. Whitman 04/12/2012 from under a sky so blue….



11 thoughts on “Abandoned and Forgotten….

  1. David he buscado la mejor manera de decir, que es admirable lo que miras y luego como lo escribes. Tu talento es maravilloso. Gracias por compartirlo con quien no lo posee.

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