Return to the Mist…

Cabin emerging on Blood Mountain


Stillness curiositied me along…

Mist thick as soggy wool draped moistly over the landscape…

looking for shelter…

desperate to rest….

Needing a friend…

you offer me your hand….

You gift me with a smile….

I race on ahead….

Independent of all vitality…

Rejection my final mistake…

And solitude my deserving reward…


David L. Whitman 04/14/2012 from under a sky so blue….

10 thoughts on “Return to the Mist…

  1. Can feel anticipation while approaching the nearly invisible cabin. When you leave your readers with feeling it’s a testament to your power as an artist. Stunning photo as well…deserves a frame!

  2. on the mute steamed fog she laid
    Steamed flat red on her placenta
    Cobra light intoxication
    Aging her bones blood bells
    Ringing voices back their souls . .

    There, good night my dear friend.
    Photograph prompted my tongue to yell ..

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