The Award Post

I have been a bit nervous about this post.  Despite the fact that I clearly enjoy writing, I am a mess when it comes to knowing how to attach links or do simple things like that.  I would really like to say that, since I have started this blog, two things have happened.  First, I have been able to pour out quite a bit that is pent-up inside me in the guise of “thoughts from the outdoors.”   Second, I have met some wonderful and supportive people.

I really never expected anyone to care about my little rambling musings.  So, for those of you that have enjoyed my writing, I truly thank you for taking the time to read.  I have read some amazing things from my fellow bloggers and it is quite an honor just being a part of the community!


Here are the awards and the people who gave them!

    1. the 7 by 7 link award was presented to me by the poetic and artistic Mari Sanchez Cayuso.  Her blog “Peace the conciousness, the Transitoriness, your Existence is located at   She is a simply brilliant writer, and her vocabulary blows me out of the water on a daily basis.  Thank you so much, Mari!

      Thank you, Mari!

    2. thank you Silentlyheardonce and Schtiel

      Award two is the Versatile blogger award offered kindly to me by the wonderful and active blogger Schtiel at and the extremely brilliant and versatile Silentlyheardonce at  Thank you both for the kind nominations.

    3. Award three is the incendiary sounding Blog on fire Award

      Thank you Silentlyheardonce!

      I was nominated by the poetic and politically charged Silentlyheardonce.  Once again located at  She is a wonderful, inspiring writer of true versatility so check her out.

    4. The final award is the Reader’s Appreciation Award given by the extremely generous Silentlyheardonce! Once again she is located at and is very much worth your time….

      Thank you SilentlyHeardonce!

Alright!   All these awards ask me to do similar things.  First I must reveal some things about myself, and seven secrets seems like the right number.  Second,  I must nominate some of you.  It ranges from 6 to 15 nominees, so I am selecting ten outstanding writers!  If your name is mentioned then consider yourself a multi award winner!  Believe me there are more that 10 deserving people so that will be the difficult part.  Ok  on to the seven things!

  1.  My love of the outdoors comes from my parents who drug me to every forest, mountain or mudhole within 2000 miles of Tampa, Fl. (more like 3000 miles)…
  2. I live in Florida but truly dislike Disney….Longggg story.
  3. My eyes used to be dark brown, but now they’re mostly green.  Not sure what that means….
  4. I am more proud of being a father than anything else….
  5. Along with English, I speak a pretty amusing version of spanish…A lot of my parents at school speak Spanish, and learning to communicate was one of the best thing I’ve done.
  6. I am ridiculously…amazingly….disorganized…I have to edit some sort of craziness or typo in every post I make maybe 3 to 4 times!  It really doesn’t matter how much I proofread.  I have a master’s degree in reading and literacy, yetttttt I constantly type nonsense.   It would be funny if it wasn’t so annoying…even worse is I have left soooo many typos in comments on other blogs…(Yes Mari Sanchez Cayuso…I’m especially fond of leaving illiterate comments in your blog)
  7. I am very open-minded.  I do have a solid belief structure, but am always ready and appreciative of alternative views on just about anything.  I like to think that even different opinions can breed respect if done the right way…


Done!!!!  And now for my nominations!!!!!!


That’s it!!!   Once again thank you for the nominations and please!!!  Check out all the links!

David L. Whitman 04/14/2012 from under a sky so blue…

22 thoughts on “The Award Post

    • The real surprise and honor is that people (like you) actually enjoy reading some of my nonsense:) Thank you for your always kind comments and for sharing your incredble stories…

  1. Once again – thanks for honoring me David. Also wanted to say it was also fun to get to know you just a tad better in your “7 secrets” – 🙂 Congrats on the award blitz!!

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