A Bit Spooked….

Potentially good advice...


To the left of this inviting sign is a river trail…..It is perhaps 500 meters of slow descent down to a pretty, spring fed flow.  About 150 meters down I stopped to take a photo of a rather attractive fern.


It was at this point that I heard a growling sound…I listened a bit, catalogued the animals that might be present (bobcat, panther, dog) heard nothing, and kept going.  I rounded two more bends and found myself ten meters from a wild boar.  It immediately wheeled about and went crashing into the undergrowth.  It smashed around making a huge racket and left me with a decision.


Should I go on back or continue on?  I assumed it wasn’t coming after me (since it ran), so while whistling, I went on down to the river.  And this next little photo is what I want to write about…..

Little treasure


 With a pounding heart I  found it….

Delightful little trickle barely falling at all…

I sat,

and I watched….

Growing older by the second…

Brown hair to gray…

New aches never felt before…

Yet the water kept flowing….

Carving through limestone…

making paths, designing trails at the whims of chance….

a piece of time truly timeless…

It is forever, but I am not…

My heart now quieted….

a moment to rest…

Before the long walk back…


David L. Whitman 04/15/2012 from under a sky so blue…


16 thoughts on “A Bit Spooked….

  1. Your introduction gave me a fright!! So happy you were safe and able to continue on to meditate on this beautiful little treasure…. “a pieced of time…truly timeless…it is forever, but I am not…” really liked this:)

  2. at last, had the time to read now… my, that boar scared me! but the journey and that scary experience is very much worth it…the piece is as great as ever.. bravery for what your passionate about, truly remarkable 😉

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