Tempestuously Placid….

Upper falls at Waters Creek...


 In the center of the calamity…

With crimson noise a gentle reminder….

Despite Being pulled here then there…

Why do you persist in your loneliness?


Can’t you feel the tug?

the need to assimilate…

Listen to your flesh…

Newly skinned and lightly born….


Is this solitude?

Alone in violent din…

Vermilion spikes slowly sink in…

Letting the pressure out….


Empty inside but full throughout…

The peaceful flow runs through swiss holes…

Wretched feelings mix into a tangy cocktail….

veinly poured and deeply consumed…

Day after day…

It’s never alike…

But always the same…


David L. Whitman 04/24/2012 from under a sky so blue….


13 thoughts on “Tempestuously Placid….

  1. So much here to contemplate. I’m feeling lots of “tugs” these days…definite need to assimilate (but there’s no way! 🙂 ) Great photo to accompany such a passionate piece David.

  2. I’m drolling again..thank you for capturing that pic..it’s very dangerous you know..
    thank you assimilation, thank you..because of you,david gave birth to this magnificent piece;) glad you wrote this 😉

    • 🙂 Thank you, Jymiely….I wish i could say I live near there but its in another state where we vacationed….I’m so glad you saw something in it

  3. hmmm. worried about you, so found a poem to read. This is a great one, I bet you are happy with. Great depth in your words….a lot of emotion in this. Much liked. Hope all is well. Worrying green fruit.

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