Sick of Need

Lower falls at Helton Creek...


With a slow sinuous twist,

the iron slid tight…

My eyes were open but could not see,

hands shaking from the effort…

will it help? you asked…

To the blackness flew my sounds

with a tremble as my only answer…

I stepped in…

like a somnambulist

feeling nothing

seeing nothing

until the water covered me…

letting go and being filled..

a friendly invasion

tracing icy fingers up and down my body….

loosening my bonds

and giving back that which I had not earned.

Indebted in this opaque prison….

supported and helpless

enslaved in trickery..

but free…

finally free…


David L. Whitman 04/26/2012 from under a sky so blue…


18 thoughts on “Sick of Need

  1. I get a lot of sinus headaches living here in the Ohio Valley of Kentucky. The air pressure is constantly changing. I use over the counter sinus med from Dollar General,at times it does not work and I suffer. I truly feel bad for you.

  2. Sorry about the pain, but I really like the free flow of this poem. “Giving back that which I had not earned” is a beautiful line, as is the photo and your water imagery, as always! ~ Lily

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