Beating the Pricklies….

Beware of pricklies...


When walking down a sloping trail….

Full of wind inside your sails….

Sometimes it seems things never fail….

But other times they do….


Your path can darken black as tea…

And line itself with pricklies…

far as far as eye can see….

your options they are few…


It’s all about your attitude….

mercurial as someone’s mood…

Delight is matchless when you brood…

calamity within your zoo…


Machete now within your grasp….

To whack the thorns beside your path….

ignoring bites of glaring asps….

It’s up to you your die is cast…


David L. Whitman 04/28/2012 from under a sky so blue…


16 thoughts on “Beating the Pricklies….

  1. Love this…it’s so simple but so eloquently said here…everytime I read something of your (which I get in my email, and so sometimes forget to come on over hear and tell you how much I like them ) I am shocked how you say so much with such clear language and metephores. Nice work!

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