Into the Trees

Hidden Path

There is a trail

that runs beside

the hidden recess

of my mind…

dives in deep…

Within the trees…

The secret venom

of the bees…

Under the shade…

The darkness cools…

Dripping sick…

Velvet cruel—

Within my skull

the path is long…

and winds like some

delicious song…

So read these words

and mark them well…

I still have many

tales to tell….


David l. Whitman 05/01/2012 from under a sky so blue…


34 thoughts on “Into the Trees

    • Honestly. That’s my fear that one of my kids will have an allergic reaction one day to a sting. You never know when that may happen…I’m glad you liked it:)

        • I’ve been stung so many times I couldn’t count, but if your kids are allergic that is a monster size fear. At least three of mine have been bit, but they obviously have no allergy to them.

        • well. we have all been stung, however the allergy could start any time. maybe even after the 20th sting…oh well, just another worry I need to get out of my head hehe

        • well, that’s what they say… and, I thought for sure the ‘secret venom of the bees’ was some kind of symbolism…lol. This was an educational tangent!

        • Well, lots of things are symbolic, but that just happened to be something I was thinking about after a killer bee show:)

        • k…don’t watch killer bee shows and then take your kids on hikes…bad idea, lol. Like watching ‘the birds’ and then taking them to a bird sanctuary. lol

    • Hehe….Cool is universal…It’s cool that you wrote cool…I wish Florida was more cool as well….Thank you for the cool comment:)) (seriously thank you…I love when you comment)

  1. This is fabulous!

    I am really enjoying your progression in your poetry. I have enjoyed your poems, but they are talking on a new feel, a stronger voice and capturing what feels more exposing of what has been hidden away. Does that make sense?

    I am being positive I hope I come across that way!

    • It makes perfect sense Angel and Robyn from throughthehealinglens said something very similar…and actually I’m really happy that these poems are really starting to sound like David poems:)

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