Sparkling Delight

sparkle in the sky


Delicious sparkle

glowing twinkle…

shining down like

glitter sprinkles..

reach right up

with gentle hands…

pluck a ray

from burning sands…

place it in the dirt to see

golden blooms for you and me…


David L. Whitman 05/02/2012 from under a sky so blue…


18 thoughts on “Sparkling Delight

  1. I like how you mix the sense of taste with sparkles. Also, I like all the bright light of this one. And how it’s “we” at the end. Lovely photo, too. 🙂 Sam (the Ham)

    Oh, no, I just thought of something…I’m taking pig hormone for my hypothyroid; so I really am a Ham! lol (Bringing the subject back to me. I’m good at that.)

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