Stairway to Forever


Why is it that…

The same stairway…

the same amount of steps…

Gets harder and harder

every day?


My mind…

The same thoughts…

The same old worries…

Is more distracted

and more lost

every day?


David L. Whitman 05/02/2012 from under a sky so blue…


32 thoughts on “Stairway to Forever

  1. Great stairs. They have depth and character. The words made me think…ponder…
    Both the climbing and thoughts seem harder at times. Maybe do a photo of a slide soon. Something easy and smooth, but not one in the hot sun. Okay, done pondering. Thanks for sharing these words. 🙂 Samantha

    • No…it’s not, but feel free to work out some charts and figures…lol…I understand what you’re saying though 🙂 You could have two competing graphs slowly ascending and descending…:)

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