So Close

So Close


Bound by the iron bars…

my mouth opens…

tongue extends..

the air tastes aquatically..

wafting scents make waspy patterns

nasally and discreetly..

I smell it…

I see it…

rippling cool…

inviting with a lovers smouldering glance..

beckoning with liquid sensuality…

But my arm falls short….

Fingertips extend and eat the air…

So far away…

So close to me…



out of reach…


David L. Whitman 05/05/2012 from under a sky so blue…


27 thoughts on “So Close

  1. Just tweeted this. Very well done. Love the “fingertips extend and eat the air.” The photo matches so perfectly. Great word choices. The air tastes “aquatically” —like that too. I could see myself at the iron bar wanting to go in but not being able to. One of my new favorites. 🙂 SaM-SAm-sAM

    • Some real frustration and desperation there…I’ve definitely found that you can taste and smell water:)))) So glad you like it Sam i am

  2. Just wonderful — and the concept of “out of reach” is right in line with my next post 😉 Love your poem and so excited you have discovered the joys of ” your lens” David !! Great perspective!!

  3. Upstairs the silver poet is onto something, Gosh I love her..
    Now David, dear. .
    Not only is your poetry slick inducing joy the illustration is superb. Talent on these waters navigates me gently sweet. Going to sleep now… : )

  4. i wow-ed this line: the air tastes aquatically…and another ironic ending there,which is I’m an avid fan again.. been catching up on posts,thankfully I managed to read this eheh…you’ve been crafting amazing poems david, keep it going 🙂

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