Una Palma

una palma


Riddled with holes

but full of soul…

This little tree

has no control…


Standing tall…

but near to fall…


are on the call…


Bugs are here

and peckers wood…

all need food



Soon we won’t see

tree out there…


it’s full of air…


some I know don’t really care…

This living thing that only shares…

No more life it has to spare…

Before it falls beneath the glare…


David L. Whitman 05/05/2012 from under a sky so blue


33 thoughts on “Una Palma

  1. some I know don’t really care…
    This living thing that only shares…
    No more life it has to spare…
    Before it falls beneath the glare…

    I like these lines even they hurt so much.
    Nice morning post 😉

  2. Peckers of wood – I love those birds. I’ve only ever managed to see three 😦
    Shame you can’t buy Woodpecker bird feeders 🙂
    Beautiful simple verse, yet so detailed.

  3. I understand your words, but even after it falls, it can still provide homes for the ground dwellers.. 🙂 what would be even more sad is that it would be cut up and hauled away instead of having a purpose after death.

    • I agree there:). Butttt. Its at my school and I’m pretty sure they won’t leave it alone. Another one already lost the top half. The woodpeckers are really amazingly industrious.

      • Then I am sorry that it is going to be removed… I didn’t know that woodpeckers went after palm trees, but then we don’t have palm trees where I live 🙂

  4. Poems stir up different images/feelings for me, especially well-written poetry. I picked up a sense of wrong doing, remorse, a sense of regret and wanting to go back and amend wrongs, a feeling of lack of control. Also a feeling of enough already. Curious (as always) of what are the words behind the words.

    I picked up shame and the feeling of glaring blame, as well. Of standing there with flaws out in the open with no shield. I wanted to uproot and run away, though unable to do so. That tree needs a hug! 🙂 Sam the Graham (as in cracker)…or quaker.

    Great post, David. You have a BIG brain! (she rambles)

    • Well I’m not really blaming per se. And as Selah said its a give and take thing. The woodpecker must eat too. But I do think the poor tree needs a hug:)))))

  5. Oh and the blame, was of outsiders looking at the tree and blaming, not the tree blaming, if that makes sense. 🙂 Perhaps self-blame….that would be me. 🙂 Glaring at the tree with blame.

    • :)))) you’ve assumed and blamed me for the last time madam!! heheh I’m joking…When you speak I am fairly certain that you are sharing your very real and true thoughts…(Although it may be in me to stare at a tree in a blaming way lol)..Anyway…the point is…yours are comments that I LOVE to see:)

      • Like a Tree
        Like a tree, a strong tree
        Reaching down, down, down
        Solid on the Earth
        Connected to the ground
        Let the wild wind blow
        Let the storms rage through
        I will bend and flow, rooted to the truth
        Yeah, yeah, oh yeah
        Yeah, yeah, oh yeah
        Roots going down immersing with the Earth
        Energy rise I Am rebirthed
        Life Force flow, fill me up
        Here and now I sing, oh


        Trunk so solidly flexible
        Etched by life so beautiful
        In a balance between Heaven and Earth
        Here and now I sing, oh


        Branches reaching toward the sun
        Gentle kisses from the one
        Power of Earth feeding fingers and toes
        Here and now I sing, oh
        Copyright 2000.Mark Stanton Welch.

        An artist I like. A song you might like.

  6. ahhh – I missed this … can’t keep up with you David ~ you are on a roll. Touching poem… sad but so real! Your words light up the story behind this tree…. a beautiful tribute 🙂

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