Cooly Sincere

Low water Alafia River


Icy Sheets to the wind

The crystal clear run

flows with love over

cypress knees

swirls around porous limestone

diving over sun-kissed logs

and any toes

that it happens to



David L. Whitman 05/06/2012 from under a sky so blue…


18 thoughts on “Cooly Sincere

  1. Happy words!…sun-kissed, toes, cypress, love, crystal. Yes!
    Icy sheet to the wind. Goodbye icy sheets. Lovely photo to match your words.
    Love the energy here. And it’s water! Gotta love all things water.
    Sam the H2O

  2. perplexed at the imagery as usual. I see two things. .
    Near seasons aiming to fall, amber leaves floating waiving despair. .
    Two, I see a sphere adorning the coolness of it all. .
    This post deserves a big thumbs up..

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