That Sweet Sound

Waterfall Florida Style


My senses were failing me…

Eyes, nose, tongue, and hands seemed to be working….

The sweetness of a blackberry…

The roughness of oak bark…

The blue sky overhead

And the scent of fresh pine

surrounded me…

But where was the water?

the delightful tinkle was everywhere..

the sound seeped into my ear

like a cool crystal brook…

Joyfully they reveled in a lover’s pleasure…

The rest were left out

for what seemed an eternity

in the dark, cold forest..

exposed to all creeping things of day

and night…

til finally

selfish in their elation…

Hearing, the compassionate sense

Invited his sisters and brothers

down in the glade..


the real treasure was…

And none of them forgot that day

til the next time

one was lost…


David L. Whitman 05/06/2012 from under a sky so blue…


14 thoughts on “That Sweet Sound

  1. Your brain is so complex. This poem moves like the water. I love how you venture beyond the senses and introduce the water that flows into the depths and thusly how the water joins and mingers. Very effective. I don’t get how you pull these out of your head so fast! Truly Amazing. And that other A word, too. Awesome. Hope you are enjoying your day. I’m still procrastinating.

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