Silent Storm



Thoughts are like ripples on the water

flowing smoothly

making space for one another

courteous and content…

Other times

crashing smashing and typhooning

with no concern for

the screams of the living..

No concern at all

for what you  really want

in your



David L. Whitman 05/06/2012 from under a sky so blue…

23 thoughts on “Silent Storm

  1. Such a big topic…thoughts. Beautiful work again David. Some of the work I’ve done has been around trying to make peace with those unwanted thoughts…and then redirect them in a way that serves you best. It’s a challenge, especially when that smashing and crashing sets in:) Your piece exemplifies this beautifully!

    • It really is one of the biggest challenges of my life. I certainly don’t want to live in a dreamworld, but I can’t let negative thoughts keep me up all night. Thank you for your always kind thoughtful comments, Robyn:)

      • have not gotten to sleep before 3 am since January 😦 so I understand. My obstacles of course are a combination of thoughts and physical pain – but nonetheless, not acceptable. Need to get back to using tools like meditation and breath-work – and affirmations ~ have you tried these? Does the writing seem to help some – or stimulate more “thoughts”? Sending you good thoughts for sweet ripples today!

        • Writing definitely helps as does the nature sounds app on my tablet. Of course the thing that helps the most are for things to be going well. Lol. :))). Ahhh. The affirmations are soooo important

        • 😉 Yes — agree. I will need to get back to the affirmations. As you said – it’s a fine line between the “dream world” and managing this dilemma of mind control. Guess it’s all part of life’s journey.

  2. David, I understand this one perfectly. I wish I had a magic cure for those thoughts that overtake like wild beast. Connecting and processing with others helps me, but when in the typhoon, I find it hard to speak. “screams of the living” “no concerns at all” — you capture well the torment. Sending lots of love, joy, and peace your way. Sam the Ripple want-a-be

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