There Was a Hole Here



 There was a hole…

Empty and lonely it was….

Slowly it began to fill

with what it found


Hatred and jealousy came first

and sneered their way in…

Lust and envy game greenly


followed by disappointment, disgust,

and greed…

All these came easily without resistance

or effort…

As simple as lying down on this sofa

and never moving…

never doing…

never going outside…

forgetting that there is  a world

just ready for someone

to be alive

so yes

There was a hole here…

It’s gone now..

But not really…


David L. Whitman 05/07/2012 from under a sky so blue


24 thoughts on “There Was a Hole Here

  1. With what it found nearby……
    Where are you searching to find such things?
    This one makes me sad 😦
    As the hole is still there in part. Must find love, joy, acceptance, to pour in.
    So I’m over analyzing and taking this too serious, likely.
    But pouring in LOVE for you, just the same.
    Wonderful poem, that made me think….and ramble
    Sam the fresh avocado with select spices

    • THAT is the best avocado!! Well…I guess the hole took the easy way out…and even though seemingly filled; was not…Thank you Sam the green fruit:)

  2. this one is so sad…so unlike you…Bad days come, but they go again and welcome in light. Hope you find sunshine again.

  3. I worry ~ we need to start gathering some joy and love to fill that damn hole… I’m sending you positive vibes — and if you need affirmations, I’ll pull out the books! As always, your writing is superb David… Hope u ok.

  4. i couldn’t find the words to describe how sad this piece is…internal havoc, subconscious batterment(?)..just can’t figure how hatred and jealousy fit inside that hole, ideas you chose to fill in it..and they came without any slight resistance, brilliant yet full of sadness… you made me sad:(

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