Familiar Maybe

Alien Sun



I use my sight…

See what’s wrong

and what is right…


sometimes things

That I do know…

look very

unfamiliar though…



of a trusted friend…

or why this post

refused to send…


Or looking at

the sun I see…

something black

within the tree…


It’s really time

to go to bed…

If the sun

appears like lead…


afraid of what

you might find…

Better to sleep

than lose your mind…


David L. Whitman 05/08/2012 from under a sky so blue…


29 thoughts on “Familiar Maybe

  1. afraid of what
    you might find…
    Better to sleep
    than lose your mind…
    love this part, sometimes is really better to sleep than to lose your mind 😉
    nice post like always 🙂

      • Always welcome ~ and so thrilled you are finding the photography fun and exciting. I fell upon the “lens” quite by accident….and it’s been great of me so many ways. Will be for you too! 🙂

        • I was the same! Not sure if you ever read the end section on my blog’s “my story” – was a total fluke.. I had an iPod with me for nature walks (was trying to rehab from surgery) and saw a pretty scene…knew the iPod had a camera that I never used (and didn’t know how to).. figured it out and snapped a shot of the lake. I was hooked – (posted photos a lot on Facebook). Soon I was having a blast with this thing (very low end camera btw). Never planned to blog – or get very serious about photography, but it just happened. Finally my college-aged daughter insisted it was time for a blog as I was taking up too much room on her homepage with my photos:) The rest is history. So I predict you too will fall in love and it’s a great match for your poetry too ~ 😉

        • well…My facebook is covered…and ,y photos are taken with a blackberry playbook tablet lol…which actually has a cool camera…it’s a non autofocus extended depth of field which does well on the outdoors nature shots….I keep thinking…I love this…I need a real camera…but i am happy with a lot of these photos

        • Yes – it’s surprising how great some of these cameras are. Maybe look at the specs and compare to anything you would consider purchasing. I did get a new camera (still a point and shoot – the one in my header photo) but I’m very attached to my iPhone 4S. . For outdoors it’s amazing. Not as thrilled with indoors (i.e.: today’s “Tub” post though that was in the dark with just a candle and moon for lighting and so unplanned!) The main thing is to just have fun – and if you have a creative eye – the images will keep evolving and get better and better:) Also you will start to see things you never noticed before… really is pretty magical!

        • Yes – I’m enjoying your photos a lot too..and can see the progression. This may be a whole new world for you. It sort of changed my life (in a fun way). So excited for you!

  2. Repeated theme in transitioning truth. This one of thoughts and lead, and what is shadowed in the light. Though the purpose of tangled thoughts elude me, a dream-filled night is a sure escape for the shadows to play and forget they’re captivity. Which makes me ponder…lol… are we holding the thoughts in captivity or they, us? Thank your for sharing yourself. Shine on in fantastic photos and prose. Sam the Smiling Face. 🙂

    • :)))) yes we do….well…honestly…you’ve raised some intriguing thoughts…and this particular writing lends itself to lots of thoughts….I’m comfortable and happy with anything that you think:)))) Thank you Sam, the slam for always making me think:)

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