Halo my Gift

Gift of sunrise


No matter how I feel

whether grouchy grumpy or mad…

or sick or sad or glad…

Halfway to work…

When morning tolls it’s

shining bells

and the first rays of dawn

shoot their dazzling spears

into the sky…

It all just washes away…

the depression, worry and sag of my shoulders

drains down like rolling drops of mercury…

My breath comes smooth

My step now light

And tranquility reigns

at least

for that moment…


David L. Whitman 05/08/2012 from under a sky so blue….

36 thoughts on “Halo my Gift

  1. Full of light and joy. :))) You probably wouldn’t like WA then. ;)))) Although the trees and mountains here are to die for. Endless hiking trails. Nice post, David. Sam the browning fruit. hee hee

      • As in perfectly aged wine grapes, I hope. 🙂 I love it here, too. It’s heavenly with all the trees and nature. I see deer almost daily, and chipmunks, and lots of crows. I dream of a little house in the woods like in Snow White, only without the witch. Water view home. I’ll post in on facebook, so you can see. And I took the photo!

  2. Ok …. so sleep and sunshine are our favorite gifts! I’m with you 🙂

    Simple but still a very emotional piece David… again very honest and can feel the mood swing from down to up and then sort of level out in a place of neutral. The last line “at least for that moment” makes me feel a little uneasy – but also accepting. Great work!

    • Awe…I’m probably just being realistic…Nothing last forever …happy or sad and i know that…I really feel pretty good…i think…lol:)) how are you Robyn:)

      • Yes – live just evolves – nothing’s stagnant). That is what I got out of the piece exactly!
        Me — thanks for asking… well better than I had been…though far from where I want to be. Not sure where this is going–just grateful the crazy steroid madness seems to be fading out.. it was an adrenaline overload for little me… Now I’m back to the muscle/joint stuff which is unresolved. Miracles happen right? Appreciate David.

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