Down the Spiral


As intricacies go

a pathway can have many forms…

Some go glacially straight

on a point to point march

from land to sea…

Others curve or zigzag

while still making progress.

but few, very few just spiral

again and again and again

Eating their own tails

in a manner most sticky..

passing the same signs

the same relationships

the same successes and the same mistakes..

leaving you wondering

Where you are,

why it looks no different

and why you just

never ever

get anywhere.


David L. Whitman 05/09/2012 from under a sky so blue…


38 thoughts on “Down the Spiral

  1. Gorgeous photo! Kuddos to you. Here’s to embarking on new pathways that don’t eat their own tails! Just ask me, I’ll point the way…though it may be to chocolate or green ripe fruit! Beautiful words. Keep it up. Enjoy the success. 🙂 Sam the Slinky

  2. I say the problem is easily solved…slice a new trail, quit following one at all. Isn’t that easier?
    Just a thought.
    Hope you figure it out…it’s a shame to feel too dizzy and fall on ones butt. 🙂

  3. Great post in everyway… reflective of the human condition – life’s journey and all that jazz… you are becoming very self-aware…and photo-aware too as your image is captivating. I may see a book in your future 🙂 Love it!

    • A book…Robyn I was thinking that of you…lol….I am honestly just feeling my way along, butttt…i do feel a transition, and the funny thing it’s a written focus that really depends on the fotos,,,so odd :)))

      • And for me was the complete opposite. I was just into the images, and then started doing a tiny bit of Haiku type stuff… then went into wisdom quotes, and published poetry I liked… then a fellow- blogger encouraged me to write my own little quotes (she liked my writing style in my narratives and was a writing/English professor) … etc. etc. So now I mix it all up and whatever feels right in the moment I do. Oh – and also fellow-bloggers writing poems inspired by my pictures…that’s coming along more and more which is very cool – amazing how this all evolves:) I like the whole spontaneity and community spirit here…had no expectation of all that. I”m sorry for the ramble on your comments section … Down The Spiral I go … Wishing you a lovely evening and an early bed-time!!

    • It really is…And I suppose knowing yourself and your tendencies is the first step in breaking out…Thank you so much for stopping by

  4. sensing stagnation, repetitive turns…very frustrating esp.if you intended to go somewhere.. you have a path and goal but you still ended up going around and around, ending up eating our “own tail”…like we needed an emotional compass, if such exists 🙂 great work david 🙂

  5. Like they say, those who forget the pasta are doomed to reheat it….wait, that’s not the witty social commentary I wanted…ah well, love the analogy. Walk on. ~Dan

      • I once received a card that talked about shopping and then remembering some private joke and laughing out loud, then everyone wondering what was so funny about those tomatoes! 🙂 Glad to hear joy is yours!

        • Well everyone knows tomatoes are on the funny side of the fruit family. Aren’t they thrown at bad comedians everywhere? Lol. Have a great one:)

  6. And no life is made of just one path. Each life is made of a variety of paths that we experience during different times. Knowing there is someone to travel those paths with you makes the easier paths sweeter and the difficult paths more bearable.

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