Why is it that

the more connected we are

as technology


and crushes

and grinds civilization

under its velvet heel…

The less we touch…


knock on a door..

write a letter

or just have an eye to eye


that tells you more

about the person in 10 seconds

than a million


would ever do…

We have all found ourselves

While becoming infinitely lost…

even though we are

shoulder to shoulder

in the  most


of all rooms.


David L. Whitman 05/10/2012 from under a sky so blue…


28 thoughts on “Lost

  1. So very true and beautiful 🙂 There was actually a study conducted on this recently, on whether technology and social media made people more or less lonely and the results were mixed. Personally, give me a real interaction any day!! Cheers!

    • You know. This subject was studied in a horrific way in the japanese movie Kairo. Honestly. Its fascinating how you can be lonely while so connected. Fascinating and very sad

  2. very true.. I guess I am way behind the times.. don’t do facebook or twitter, don’t have an ipod, a blackberry or a kindle.. husband and I have one cell phone between us for emergencies, I don’t know how to text..

  3. So true. I don’t know how to text, and don’t have a modern cellphone, only used for emergency. We don’t have cable or satelite in our home. I only use the computer to talk with friends that our very distant. I do like facebook, as I was able to start a wonderful support group for Aspergers….and unlike most, people with Aspergers often feel safer and find friends for the first time online without the social pressures.

    This was a briilliant post. I often think the same exact thoughts.

    The thing I miss most about communicating with someone online is not being able to see them smile or see their eyes. Eyes speak more than a thousand times a thousand typed words.

    Sam in the Sand :)))

    • I think this is the real gist of things…Technology is wonderful but as it slowly replaces human contact, our mindsets become more isolated and more depressive…Thank you Sam th sand:)

  4. We have all found ourselves

    While becoming infinitely lost…

    These “lines” are fabulous! And I am not just saying that because I love the word infinate(ly) 🙂

    Wonderful poem! It made me ponder on our priorities as a society and think about what are our real reasons for self-discovery. You made me wonder…Do we use technology to escape? Do we use self-discovery to escape? I am still thinking – I will stop because I am catching up on your other poems too and I am already taking up all of this comment space!

    However, I will add I love technology because it allows me to connect. I can’t stand texting though, and I just got an iPhone recently because I had to, but I only have three contacts so far and they are family. Ha ha ha

    I admit eyes are too much for me, I feel too many emotions from people so it can be painful to “feel” people. Or it can get me too giddy and overcome with their joy. I’m kind of an intense person. 🙂

    • I think escape can come in many forms, but technology can give us a chance to stay in touch while being very out of touch….and like you…I loveeeeeeee technology…All these pics are from my blackberry playbook tablet and I have blackberry smartphone to go with it…But, things are different…And not always for the best

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