Groggily Inspired

Morning in the school Yard


 Letting the door slam and

picking my way carefully

along the dewdrop trail…

Each footstep baring temporary

witness to my heavy tread…

Eyes blinking against the oppression

of wetness in the air

similar to the millstone already

hanging on my tired neck..

Finally, the object of my obsession nears…

looming out of the early dawn

bathed in misty breath

and feral sweet…

with trembling hands I capture it….

burning the schematic into

the very synapses of my being…

With a turn I start back with my prize…

It may not live forever

in my possession..


My heart

will house it

til my last



David L. Whitman 05/11/2012 from under a sky so blue


28 thoughts on “Groggily Inspired

  1. inquiring mind wants to know.. what did you capture that might not live forever in your possession? the photo is beautiful.. love the moss and the color.

  2. A love poem to your art of expression through photography! So cool. Love the tree. It reminds me of you, somewhat. I was thinking these exact thoughts on the beach this early morning: “It may not live forever in my possession..But, My heart will house it, till my last breath…”
    I get that. Also get the beginning, having taught.
    Perfecto Magic with eye and word! ~ Sam the Chocolate Milk Shake

  3. What a cool picture — like an etching – and also has that edgy effect! So this is what goes on during mornings in the school yard! Beautiful work…love your poem — so much to imagine….

  4. oh my word! that trasfixed from start to end, so amazing! Love love love this. Haven’t we all been there. Just lovely David.

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