Grudging the Drought…


Day by Day

The waters recede

a little farther


Leaving mud and the

bones of the

dead exposed….

bleaching white in the sun


Hope and rain dances haven’t

worked and all I have

to offer is this one

tired foot…

but I fear

even it

will not be



David L. Whitman 05/11/2012 from under a sky so blue


19 thoughts on “Grudging the Drought…

      • Great idea (i should do too?!) — Your photos are becoming almost as exciting as your poetry…can tell you have “caught the bug”! Fun stuff – I know. Don’t forget to get some frames and mats – very cool to see something like this on the wall. Enjoy your new passiion 🙂

        • You really should:))) oh wow..i was thinking of that, but thought maybe i was silly..thank you Robyn…as usual making me feel good about something i was thinking:)

        • Not silly at all. I wasn’t sure about it either, but I ordered some simple black frames that had mat included (8×10) and just did a bunch of my earlier images and hung over my desk. Anyone who sees them goes crazy, and even have had people offer to purchase. Of course I gift them! My Mom got “Attract” for Mothers’ Day as she was with me when I shot that! Let me know how this one looks all dressed up in a frame! Can’t wait to hear 🙂

        • :)))) yours look so beautiful:)))..I am curious to see how some of these wouls look like blown up….:))) thank you Robyn the inspiration:))

  1. It’s your foot! 🙂
    What a great idea for a shot. I love the contrast with the ground, rock, and water in the background. Very unique and interesting to look at. “and I fear even it would not be enough”……powerful ending. How’d you come up wtih this? Enjoyed this much. Always nice to see a foot, too!
    Seriously, I’d call this art! ~ Sam the sunburned toed girl

  2. Well..It’s like this every year…the rainy season is right around the corner…Then it will storm every day..But for now the waters recede and recede

  3. We have just come through our winter in the UK and we are in drought too – despite having over a months worth of rain –

    Leaving mud and the

    bones of the

    dead exposed….

    bleaching white in the sun

    I love these lines – makes me think of a carcass in the desert!

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