Lilly’s Desire (Grudging the Drought)



 Mud around my roots

I love

Fit me sweetly

Like a glove

But now here the

ground is dry..

Where is my aquatic love?

Water now is there

not here

Left me browning

shaking fear

Brothers cousins sisters


drooping softly

in this muck..

I softly still keep

holding on…

Wind is comfort

with its song..

Sad that I don’t

have too long..

Without the water

all is wrong..


David L. Whitman 05/13/2012 from under a sky so blue…


36 thoughts on “Lilly’s Desire (Grudging the Drought)

    • Thank you:))) It’s sort of a companion piece to the one before…the Lilly’s point of view from yesterday’s pond…I’m so glad you like it:))

  1. This is beautiful and sad and true, i do love it as always. Wishing you rain drops upon rain drops, til your flourishing and well.

  2. Oh, I love this poem. Its heart is so precious. Sending rain for its great thirst. So lovely. Sad the lilly watches and waits, though the pond is near. Unable to move forward to touch what is there. But even with the sadness a little light shines through. We are all lillies dreaming and dreaming of acquatic love. Big swing you around hugs…. Sam in awe ….. with incredible super powers to lift you above the ground. hee hee

  3. Oh boy…you are out of control dear David!! This is phenomenal!! Part II -Now, may your creative energies jolt the rain gods awake and feed the Lillies’ souls, quench their thirsty desire and encourage David to write more magical poetry for us all to enjoy 😉

    • Yes!!! There’s the hope…It remindme of the thought process of “if enough attention is payed to something then it will be obliged to come” Well, I probably made that up, but it makes sense lol

      • No you certainly did not make it up — some would say that this is a “law of the universe” — I did my share of energy healing work and this was a central theme…. give focussed attention to what is wanted! ~ I wish it worked all the time – but the other part of the law said that you can’t have any “mixed energy” or the magic won’t work…and that’s pretty tough in most situations. Hey – we do our best right?! Let’s see if Tampa gets some aquatic love sometime soon! 🙂

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