Wonder Why Not

The Happy Place


An odd bit of sincerity

At a pond or at the sea …

Despite the shadows you’ll agree…

Issues are with gravity


Iron can is rusted wrong…

Looks to be supremely strong..

Invisible it’s been too long…

Is a hollow sounding gong…


Trashy things are everywhere

in the mud and by the chair…

Wouldn’t it be quite a scare…

if garbage fell right from the air…


And if it rained from the sky…

gravity would be so shy…

lonely can would wonder why…

 trash is never found inside….


David L. Whitman 05/12/2012 from under a sky so blue


32 thoughts on “Wonder Why Not

  1. There are a ton of things that make my blood boil, but this is so high up on the list…don’t even get me started because lovely lyrical poetry will not be what spills from these lips. thanks for sharing your thought so much more eloquently than I would 🙂

      • yeah, I’m even more obsesive, when I put things in the garbage, I still see them on the ground in the landfill, crazy eh? Needless to say, we recycle a ton, but it still bothers me, every piece of garbage…we need solutions. Lasting ones

  2. But… maybe the trash can is fighting back. Maybe when no one is looking, it spits out all the rubbish because in its dreams it longs to be a steel drum and make beautiful music 🙂

  3. Quite the grand tale of wittiness here. I enjoyed how you intertwined deep and light together causing the mind not to realize it is tackling a deeper concept.

    “Issues are with gravity” (This made me giggle though.)

  4. i think there was a shooting garbage tournament happened, they just forgot to put everything in order though :), I’m proud to say,even a candy-wrapper settled on my pocket for ages until I was able to toss it PROPERLY in the trash can..even messy peelings,just not to stain my hands with improper disposal guilt 🙂 brilliant post david !:)

      • have you heard the earth run which was conducted here in our country?they seem to run for environmental cause and yet, pictures of runners and paper cups scattered on the road was posted on the web which became a viral hit…a trash can was only centimeters away from the paper cups!!I was soo furious about it and was glad I didn’t participated! i argued to my friends who participated in it hehe 🙂

        • !!! Nothing worse than something like that becoming what it was against in the forst place..:(((( I’m not surprised you were mad!

  5. Could it be people don’t make trash, that do recycle all? No, not hardly it’s easier to litter then walk a step or two to the lonely trash can. Nicely expressed much sweeter than please don’t. Litter.

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