Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom and Dad (Always together in the outdoors)

First of all…Happy Mothers Day to all moms, stepmoms, or anyone doing a mother’s job…and in other words…anyone who is doing every thankless thing in the house!   This day is for you and I certainly hope all of you are honored today because you deserve it….


A mother’s day is never done…

under night or brightest sun….

Life is one endless mess…

So she’s always on the run…


A day of honor is so nice

Really it should happen thrice

a month would be better too…

smiles I know sure would entice,,,,


So grab your mother hold her near

hug her kiss her without fear…

and in her eye a single tear…

She’ll always love you that is clear…

We love you moms!!!!  Happy mother’s day!!!!


David L. Whitman 05/13/2012 from under a sky so blue…


38 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

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  3. Nice and sweet.
    I love that special huge hug that I get from my kid on mother’s day.
    And I agree with every word you wrote, but those lines are my fav.
    She’ll always love you that is clear…
    We love you moms!!!!  Happy mother’s day!!!!

  4. We’ve already had our UK Mothers’ Day in March – I’m trying to convince the kids we should do it again…. #nothappening 😦
    Ah well I tried!! 🙂
    (Liking the thrice idea, but monthly is preferred – could I suggest that every Sunday would be a good option too?!)

  5. you look more like your father,hehe!sweet poem for our beloved woman! thank you for this enlightening one david, my piece for mother’s day has this some dark side 🙂

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