Poisoned….(maybe not)



The other day in a park near my house, I noticed a strange phenomena.  The only dead tree in the whole place was hugging a power pole.  There were hundreds of trees and this seemed odd.  I’m not saying electricity killed the tree, I’m just observing that it was strange…


Among the living

all around

In the sky and

on the ground..

Death is nowhere

to be found…

All is quiet

safe and sound..

But right around in back

I see…

One dead and slowly dying tree…

weird and creepy as can be..

hugging electricity…

don’t know why the tree is dead…

perhaps in currents it was fed…

maybe it consumed some lead..

astral plane is now its bed..

when I’m dreaming late at night..

imagination turns to fright…

land where trees are filled with blight..

Electric crimson burning bright…


David L. Whitman 05/14/2012 from under a sky so blue…



19 thoughts on “Poisoned….(maybe not)

  1. And that is why you do not buy a house near power lines…on a creative note, I love the flow of your writing here, it makes the mind swirl, really nice writing!

  2. love this poem.

    “when I’m dreaming late at night..

    imagination turns to fright…” I can just imagine if it were me doing that exact same thing. Like seeing it during the day and only thinking, “that’s weird” and then turning it into a conspiracy with my over-active brain when I’m trying to sleep. :p

    Does however give me something to think about. Great poem!

  3. I liked the fluidity of your words and image together. Again, you have captured some very deep truths and things to ponder with a lighthearted feel. That type of writing changes minds, or makes people ponder without realizing it. Grand spins!

    I often notice things like this and wonder about them. I find it fascinating to discover dead things among the living. I am an off one. 🙂

  4. imho there is a story behind this poem – and a message too! Maybe “be careful who you hug!” ??? LOL! Excellent work agian David… can tell your images are really provoking lots of great thinking processes for you. Wonderful stuff 🙂

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