Spinergy original thoughts…



I like this possibility

Of increasing energy

Seems to be the only way

to cure us of this malady…

Rivers can stay in their beds…

Fossil fuels are overfed…

hope that I will see the day…

Before the Earth we know is dead..


Tunnels will collapse the ground…

Not enough to go around…

Fear that if we stay this course

what was green will be so browned


Wind is out there anyway…

Hope that I will see the day..

of brighter times with solar rays…

without destruction or dismay…


David L. Whitman 05/15/2012 from under a sky so blue….


31 thoughts on “Spinergy original thoughts…

  1. Ah…wishing I could be an optimist…we have massive wind turbines here, and when I say massive, I mean sci fi freakish massive…long story, but ‘giant’ issues with these too. The maze leads on..have a lovely day David, teach those kids to be brilliant 🙂

  2. Lovely poem and timely words…Let’s hope we can avert the tragedy that will surely come if we all continue on this path of recklessly using up the earth’s resources 🙂 Have a great day, David 🙂

  3. I like the line “fossil fuels are overfed.” Very true and sensitive poem. Our poor Mother Earth. Teach the children well…. 🙂 Enjoyed this, as always, big-brained David. 🙂 Sam the Thinker

  4. Ok… now I’m thinking about what environmental journal we can sent this to for publication. It’s such an important message David. Not sure what age children you teach, but maybe could be used as an educational tool if they are old enough?

    This could be a series for you (natural environmental at risk or something).

    Funny that your poem reminds me of one I wrote (much more simplistically) when I was about 10 —

    it began : “The world spins round and round and round; The world is a place that mankind found; The trees and the seas both came with the earth; The smog and the smoke, man made them man will choke!!”

    There was more, and I can’t even believe I remembered that…. I had a picture of a spinning world cut out and glued on top in my poetry scrap book! I was a deep kid ehchh?? LOL!!!

    Excellent work – and I hope the universe hears our call for intervention to preserve our natural world. There has to be a better way… I agree!! Sending thoughts of Sun and Wind your way… RL

    • That sounds wonderful Robyn(what you wrote)! Well, I teach kindergarten so we can approach this in a fairly black and white way…But they do understand about picking up trash and keeping clean water and air, and why trees are important…I hope the iniverse hears as well…the more people who turn in this direction, the better things will be..thanky you, Robyn:))

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