A Tremulous Bridge…


Bridge over overflow creek


Some fear can come from monsters…

those real and the ones

just inside

your head…

But many times


crossing a simple bridge

moving from one reality

to another

can be paralyzing…

dry mouthing yourself


step by trembling step…

Till what was feared

becomes normal…

And the only thing to fear

is  what is new



David L. Whitman 05/16/2012 from under a sky so blue…


40 thoughts on “A Tremulous Bridge…

  1. wow beautiful bridge..invisible monsters underneath the bridge, and inside your mind…converting into new ideas really is a big fuss of terror, truly is.

    • Well…I can relate to that…It seems like every other year something dramatic is happening…could be good like finally getting my masters….or bad like..well bad lol…Really hope you’re able to meet your change bravely, because it’s so not easy

  2. Life is change. When we fear change, we fear life. When we embrace change, we embrace life. It’s a choice of how to live. Great use of the analogy and gorgeous photo! ~Dan

  3. This is well said, some people are so afraid of change they are dead yet breathing…learning to know how to either handle change when it twists your way, or knowing when to twist…skill is required, like chess. Lovely writting David

  4. Enticing photograph David! Your piece on change – great. Such awareness — yes – step by step the traumatizing nature of change gets more comfortable… and we get better and better and embracing it when it shows up. Really enjoyed this, your written expression is eloquent… and the metaphor of crossing bridges is terrific!

  5. That bridge is very interesting to look at. Change is easy for me; it’s the thinking that comes before the change….the decision to change, that is my trembling-thorn. I love change though. Crave it. Very fitting poem and another thinking-piece. 🙂 Sam

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