with every choice

with every sweat inducing decision…

With every coin flipping moment

Comes a time

when the only thing

to do

is pick yourself up

walk forward

and see what

the future



David L. Whitman 05/17/2012 from under a sky so blue…


37 thoughts on “Decisiveness…

      • Possiblility ÂŤ THROUGH THE HEALING LENS

        Like this (above)… it’s good to know Florida has nice trails too…have considered spending more time there in cold weather months!

        • Well florida is one huge forest. Or swamp. But mainly forests. Lotss. Really. There’s a few large cities. And the rest is wild. Over 40000 lakes and ponds. So may springs. Rivers and streams. No mountains. But gorgeous.

        • Yes – I recall swamp! Visited my grandparents in West Palm Beach every spring while growing up. Brother lives in Coral Springs. Good to know so much nature. I have been to Sanibel Island — major nature there- all nature preserves 🙂 Think you have more exotic flora than we do 🙂 yes gorgeous!

        • I do remember the alligators in the lagoon near my grandparents home….and the palm trees!! Those we don’t have 😉 You need to get some shots of the fauna soon!!

  1. Ohhhhh, I like this short sweet poem. I’ve picked myself up. Just show me where to jump! 🙂 Lovely trail. You are fortunate to live within such beauty. Thank your for sharing the beauty with us—in photo and words…and in your soul. Blessings to you. Sam the Surfing Green Fruit!!! To see what the future holds. :))) Great job, again.

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