Everyone Needs an Empath


when you’re tired…

and after  you’re body

and mind

have broken down

gobbling up the very

light within…

and you just need to rest..

as the stress creeps

stealthily like a panther

in the forest…

The first thing you

must find..

is a good

calm place

to sit…

Some place spongy..

that will kindly soak,

and burn

the darkness


David L. Whitman 05/18/2012 from under a sky so blue


24 thoughts on “Everyone Needs an Empath

  1. So true. Well soon I’ll look for a place to sit and close my eyes to rest. Found myself in your poem. Beautiful photo.
    Thank god its friday.

  2. I will remember your words…truly wonderful post, and so true. May we all find empaths in the nature that surrounds us, and in each other 🙂 Thanks David!

  3. Interesting. I am an empath and never thought as nature as such. But that makes perfect sense. I love the thought of nature, especially trees and the water, perhaps the sky, deer, and crows, too, serving as sponges for our weary souls and overactive minds, and naturally taking away the heaviness. I like to think of the sponges “water” (our heavy energy) being released in perfect beauty and watering the world. Oh, just loved the thoughts this poem inspired. Your poems have taken a lovely detour. I appreciate them all, but especially like the ones that include your strength and deep wisdom. Take care. 🙂 Sam the Big thinking Fruit.

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