The New Colors


The searing colors of twilight

are not found in

any box of crayons..

And Imagination….

even with all its power

is only capable of recreating

the drabbest

of sunsets


David L. Whitman


47 thoughts on “The New Colors

  1. Happy to see colour in your photo and your words are beautiful too. Is there a drab sunset? Even the greyest lead to great night time writing, at least for me. Mwah! But this one leads to sweet dreams for sure. Sleep well 🙂

  2. Ahh! A nice and short poem for people with short attention span like me. And a very nice ph … Hey, look at that small spider crawling on my desk!

  3. So true. Seeing is in the eye of the beholder and all the feelings that go along with it. As an artist we can try and re -create but it is never like we are really seeing it with the naked I. Thank you so much for sharing,I appreciate the poems it makes the picture much more meaningful to me.

  4. David my dear, I am not a very good outdoorsy type. But the pictures you paint with your words make me want to stand outside in the darkness and just revel in it…..

  5. I dream in color, but do not remember a sunset in my dreams. Too beautiful even for my subconscious to capture. Well said my fellow nature-all philosopher. ~Dan

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