Western Dreams

Best Friends



although complicated in essence

can be seen so simply

just by pressing one’s eye

to a westerly chain link

fence at dusk…

This heart stopping minute

of solarian and arbolian

friendship is momentarily elegant

But timeless in memory…

And in the end

Isn’t it our memories

that will sustain us

make us smile…

and give us a reason to

rise up in the morning

for that possible opportunity

to simply

make more…


David L. Whitman 05/21/2012 from under a sky so blue



28 thoughts on “Western Dreams

  1. Oh, this is the FIRST time I got to press the like button first and comment first. Go me! lol. I love this so much that I will have to reread when I return home, so I have ample time to reflect. It is very beautiful—the message, the scene, the rhythm, and totality. Hugs friend, Sam about to fly high. :)))

  2. So true… and beautufil too! Great poem – I have always been a huge fan of “making memories”! When my kids were small, if they got cranky on an outing I’d say – “hey you guys… we are making a memory here…shape up!” 🙂 Love your concept of fusion/friendhp and the view through a chain link fence. Really enjoying your work David 😉

    • :)))) Honestly…I wrote this…and let it sit for a while…Still not sure if I like it…this morning YES…this one…hmmmmm….Exactly!!! making memories..some of the best memories come out of the worst situations

      • That happens to me too…but you may be surprised to find it becomes a favorite. Yes – this morning was “brilliant”… but this one warmly endearing. And aren’t memories funny that way?!

        • :)))) warmly endearing:)) seems fair enough:))) memories work the opposite of real life and its no wonder “nostalgia” is so popular:)

        • You are too funny! I never thought about why nostalgia is popular – but it is!! 🙂 Perhaps people are hung up on what they will be in the future, or what they ‘were’ back when so they don’t have to deal with what they are ….right now!!! uh oh – may be a blog post brainstom for us there!! Sending happy thoughts your way!!

  3. friendship is really a valuable memory of a human being, memories are our treasures on our life journey… thank you for incorporating this piece with a beautiful photo David .. 🙂

  4. This is beautiful… absolutely beautiful. I love how you write that ‘friendship is momentarily elegant but timeless in memory’. Gives my heart wings. Definitely a reason to rise up in the morning, in the hopes of making more. Thank you so much for sharing.

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