The delicate etchings in

this tree can only be matched

by the purest of lace

or perhaps

 iron trestles smelted within

  Vulcan’s own furnace…

Despite the arrival of spring’s

fragrant blossoms…

And colors brighter

than any rainbow

Beauty can be found here….

within the leafy emptiness

of this ebony



David L. Whitman 05/22/2012 from under a sky so blue…


54 thoughts on “Springtime

  1. So beautiful this tree is, you have captured it’s essence so well — truly a masterpiece, as is your poetic expression once again. It is so true that with all the vibrant colors of spring – the etching-like image void of color is just as magnificent. 🙂

  2. Wow David. The etchings, great description and that was only the beginning. You really nailed this poem to the front of this tree perfectly. That ends with an ebony masterpiece. I’m bowing before your great writing.

  3. waaaah!as i opened your web addy, i thought i was redirected to an unfamiliar site..when i read your poem, i knew i was home! loved your new look, and this poem is ecstatically transcending! this line is superb: within the leafy emptiness..talk about irony 🙂 thanks David!

  4. Its so funny when you think that beyond the net of the enormous tree, the blue sky awaits us…and yet…the net propels us into its vastness…making us believe in its enormity and its beautiful structure…

    Great poem…liked it…!

  5. Are these all of your own photos, David? I love black and white photography when it is done well because it seems to capture essences– like this tree, and the shadow on the road, your next photo. Usually I comment on your poems but I should say that the photography throughout your place here is sooo beautiful. Such a site for sore eyes : ) Thank you. ~ Lily

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