Lead the Way


In the winter of our



My shadow drew further and

further away from me…

Despite my best efforts of reconciliation

The night arrived and

it was gone to sleep in anger…

in some dark hollow

or low place…

Leaving me alone

Wondering what went wrong…

until morning’s joyful



David L. Whitman 05/23/2012 from under a sky so blue…


20 thoughts on “Futile

  1. What a great post David. The relationship between ‘you and you’ is clearly intricate. I am glad I’m up early today ( for a change) to witness ‘morning’s joyful reunion”! Great shadow image, and love this in every way! 😉 have a wonderful day!!

  2. I guess the joy is…morning comes. This piece is such a great roller coaster that mirrors life. I think our metaphorical shadow writes are so interessting. I use writing prompts from a fellow writer, yesterday, her’s was on shadow as a character…I wrote it, and so, after some final cuts I think I will have one on a ‘shadow’ too. 🙂 Have a great day David.

    • I love this new look too, I love your header shot, I’m glad you got to keep some colour…Black and white is lovely, but often with a backdrop of colour needs to highlight it to really accentuate it. 🙂

  3. Such a cool photo. I like how the arrow is pointing one direction on the road and your shadow is stretched out the opposite direction. Clearly poetic in form, both word and visual. What secrets does your shadow take with him on his road of travels? Thank you for the art this early morning. My shadow enjoyed, though smile she often tries to cast away. Cheers and love, Sam of green

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