Saved by Fear



Ignoring its lovely aquatic face…

fear dictates

that whenever

water looks cool,



and blue…

there are probably

other animals that

think so as well…


With their crunching teeth

and tightly squeezing coils

Fear has saved many

an adventurer

from an early




David L. Whitman 05/24/2012 from underΒ  a sky so blue…..

44 thoughts on “Saved by Fear

  1. I could feel myself tip toeing to the edge, to stick my toe in, Then quickly jerked it back, afraid of being something’s snack. This is very witty and cute. The water is really pretty.

  2. ….just full of reptiles….lol….^^^ hmmm….the water is gorgeous, not calm though. Still gorgeous. You used “coil” again — like the snake coiling.

    The poem makes me reflect on “fear” — the sometimes forgotten benefits of fear. Still, I liked to take a plunge once ALL the danger was removed…….. But now trying to not let fear dictate my life. So, maybe I could wear a diving suit and go down the water in a cage??? And so your great words inspire great ramblings of Sam.

  3. Wonderful submerging diving words! I wanted to splash right into that photo! I love both the poem and image. (I like to wrestle alligators. Lol!) I went to the beach today and saw shark eggs, now that put some fear in me! I wasn’t going very far into the rippling waters. πŸ™‚

  4. Stunning photo David!! Your poem entertains this time. Last line a surprise too! I am certain the actual creatures beneath the surface of the rippling water would induce great fear though, not entertain!! I found the post to be a charming combination. Thank you ~ Happy Dreams!

  5. Fears seen on its positive side, cool. it is seldom synonymous with advantageous insights, you did it here.. Lolong will never enjoy this one…he will never have a human diet from now on…playfully sermoned David…bravo! though you made Lolong mad,hehe.. he had this satellite dish to track a poetic tongue who dishonors him lmao πŸ™‚

    • I doubt anyone would swim there…It’s pretty, but dark water and well…we only swim in clear rivers or lakes that you can see what’s happening lol

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