Painted Sorrow


Underneath this smile you see

Sorrow painted over me…

Even when I laugh with glee

Sorrow from I cannot flee…

Not a he or even she…

Sometimes there’s no reasoning..

For sorrow can so forcibly

reach inside to steal its fee…

No thought to why it’s happening…

just sorrow’s sad reality…


David L. Whitman 05/25/2012 from under a sky so blue….


41 thoughts on “Painted Sorrow

  1. David, I like the poem (like button) but don’t “like” your sorrow. 😦 Though we all share this same emotion—all connected with our own sorrows. You chose an adequate photo for this sorrow-filled piece. It looks as if it’s only clouds above the post, but on close examination appears to be holding the weight of the world in isolation. Cloudy, un-blue sky. *sigh* Holding you in thought. May IT stop reaching inside to steal its fee. Hugs, Sam

  2. Love this. Oh Yes – sorrow beneath the smile… it’s something I am well aware of David. The masks we wear. Though I do believe if the sorrow is intense – the joy will be equally as intense. Some of us are highly sensitive that way – a gift or a curse I am not certain.

    As your gorgeous photo conveys in the dramatic image of clouds and sea – we have little recourse but to flow and float, and avoid resisting the unwanted emotions that take hold. Usually that surrender (though difficult), takes us to better feelings and thoughts land.

    This is such a simple piece but deeply wonderful — your photo had me mesmerized for quite a while…. Brilliant work ~ thank you friend!

  3. Welcome to the club my little friend…you’re a poet. You may not have started writing until you were older, but for alot of us, this curse of said sorrow, fuels words.And I’m with Robyn on this…the artist swings are wildly fierce in both directions. Some sedate themselves, some swim in the pain, sorrow, love, agony, anxiety and just write it, read it, paint it…into something beautiful, just as you did here. We all get you here.~R

  4. Aha the poets sorrow…
    I know it well…
    something invades and infests our soul, but it stirs us to write
    and what comes out is astounding, amazing, poignant and precious – just like your poetry

    your best weapon… your pen
    fight off those foes with verse and prose πŸ™‚
    There… you’ve just inspired me with a new idea :)))

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