Drifting Into Dreams



like a thread of purest glass

the river flows unfettered

over slippery sand…

wavy grasses

and porous limestone…

With a splash and a flip

on my back I float…

just another twig or leaf

at the mercy of

the stream’s intentions…

over, under, drifting into

the silvery dream world

of the water’s flow..

Images cross my blinking eyes

as  peace as pure as

the coolness surrounding me

slowly and urgently tosses me…

drags me and pulls me under

into a deep sleep

Devoid of desires

from which…


may never



David L. Whitman 05/26/2012 from under a sky so blue…


34 thoughts on “Drifting Into Dreams

  1. This is too beautiful…not that thats possible, but just dreamy and subtle..lovely writng, carries the reader through effortlessly.

  2. “Devoid of desires from which I many never wake”….interesting, as I was thinking on this yesterday as I was rereading a Buddhist book of mine. For me, it was about releasing passion, but then I realized I’ve done that too much already all my life. So now embracing passion and desires. Thanks for the deeply beautiful flowing words. Truly talented, you are. ~ Sam

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