Creepy Obscura


The answers I have…

For the sky and the trees…

And makers of honey…

Β Which must be the bees..

These things that I know

easy as it seems..

But what is this thing

on the bank of my stream?

I don’t really know…

You can see me right through…

But curious I am…

So I’m asking you..


David L. Whitman 05/27/2012 from the banks of a creepy stream


54 thoughts on “Creepy Obscura

  1. David, it is impressive how this tree has grown, kneeling, praying that it seems that, for other trees will not be humiliated by people and be protected.
    Have a great Sunday, David ! πŸ™‚

  2. Sweet little poem. You have ANSWERS for the makers of the skies and trees??!!! Lucky you. This is a magical elephant, bending down in humility and unconditional love. He is my elephant! My fav of all your photos, remember? πŸ™‚ Nice seeing him here. Just change your perspective a tiny bit to see the beauty before you. ~ Sam πŸ˜‰

  3. I have to agree with those who see an elephant…there is an elephant there isn’t there? Lovely work. As always.

  4. Oh my David…. you have discovered Ganesha – the Hindu Diety revered as ‘Remover Of Obstacles’ I have a small statue on my window ledge, near my tub that a dear friend who is Indian gave me as a gift… your photo brought this to mind instantly… here is more info πŸ™‚ Beautiful written expression paired with this photo— May your life be protected by this incredible image and symbol ~ RL

  5. I really think this was some divine encounter for you David…. We need to get you a little statue (mine is an incense burner) for your home now ….and frame the image! You are blessed…and to think you did not realize…. thank goodness for our friendship!! πŸ˜‰

  6. David this is amazing! Great title and poetry, and I am mesmerized by this most bizarre looking thing I’ve ever seen… I enjoy the comments here, and I do see the elephant, also see a coyote a bit, but the VERY first thought was that it is almost like a tree changed it’s mind about growing up: “I don’t want to be here anymore… I want to go back home into the ground!” Quite bizarre whatever it is. Awesome share, Thanks. Very thought provoking!

  7. Clearly this is an entrance to the realm we have forgotten how to enter as adults. Fairieland, Makebelieve, the place just beyond the land of Spare Oom. Find the bottle labeled “Drink me” and go for a visit. Make sure to take pen and paper! ~D

  8. Beautiful lyrics; and the photo is an enigma, David!

    Yes, we may have different views and interpretations; but this is the essence of human
    diversity. I think, the more I stare at it, the mystery deepens until the final image
    imprint left on my mind is a…

    question mark (?)

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