Riverine Love



Just when my mood…

and attitude..

had been ground down

to a core

more implosive than the

darkest of black holes…

At a time when good rest

had become more elusive

than our native panther…

This paddle and float

down the loveliest

of rivers…

A chance to just be…

Β To watch the eelgrass

and smooth water drift by

on a glassy paradise

has gone a

long way

to returning my


and my laughter

and my feelings of happiness..

to a level that I actually

feel like me



David L. Whitman 05/27/2012 from a kayak in the flow….


27 thoughts on “Riverine Love

  1. Serenity is dripping from the paddle of your poetry. Nice. You’re really finding/using your voice. I think I will search for some of that eelgrass, for serenity purposes. : ) ~ Lily

  2. Yay, You! So glad nature soothed your tired spirit. You so deserve some rest and joy. Clapping. Lovely words and interesting photo….hee hee. Sunshine and waves of happy joy to you, brave soul. ~ Sam of the green

  3. πŸ™‚ made me smile (and much needed that)…. so glad you had a great day~restored and revived! Yay – and love this shot ~ terrific eye you are developing!!

  4. Lol. Great pic. So glad you’re smiling again. Nature helps most of us I guess. Lovely words. You make us all take the trip with you. πŸ™‚

  5. we oftentimes leave ourselves from our usual state of mind, astral projection kind of thing, not the literal meaning of it i mean…we never noticed that we’ve been out of our normal self for quite sometime and we end up asking ourselves:what are we doing?what are we forgetting to do from our usual tasks?am I astral projecting right now from the real world?its nice to take some time off πŸ™‚ lightening piece here David πŸ™‚

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