Clearly Marked Yet Seldom Seen


invaded by darkness and

lined with terror,

some pathways

bring nothing but fear…

While others

are pierced by light

unmatched by even

a stars purity…


often times…

No matter the clarity

within your

soulful eyes..

They look very


at first..


David L. Whitman 05/28/2012 from the fork in the trail…


35 thoughts on “Clearly Marked Yet Seldom Seen

  1. I love this photo…you’re right they look similar. Have you ever walked a clearly beautiful path during the light of day, and then walked the same one at night…two very different things, yet the same. Amazing thoughtful verse….again. Are you not sick of my compliments yet? Lol

  2. My goodness, you so concisely captured the fear of unknown paths–both of places and people. Amazing how you used comparison, blending, then segue. The gentle timidity at the end is perfect.
    Poetry aside, trust is so difficult sometimes. I am with you there. ~ Lily

  3. I’d like to copy and quote what that white flower person said above. That was a great comment, and true. Your works always amaze me. Really do. Always twist and turn and dive and come up, then dive some more. Energetically it’s a ride. And seems there is always a small truth hidden, just about to surface, but not quite. A mystery. And an ever-found vulnerability and courage. Just love your work…but you know where I’m at….lol… Seriously, wonderful as always. Light, focus on the light…won’t steer you wrong. Hugs my friend. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sam the Green fruit

  4. So well-done David. You take us on the journey with you. Yes, those paths can be deceiving, and then facing temptation and hard choices along the way makes it all that much more complex.

    You’ve really captured that feeling here, and matched your expression with a perfect image which lends more impact to your powerful message. May we all have the instincts and wisdom to follow our own best paths. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ~ Good vibes to Tampa for you today….

  5. Gorgeous words to fit the beautiful photograph. It can be terrifying making that choice between 2 paths, not having a way of knowing where each will ultimately lead. Thank you for sharing, David!

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