Joy Mining

Straight Ahead


The tranquility

and peacefulness

that comes from doing

exactly what you want and

where you want to do it

has enough power

to send all the demons

and creeping things

screaming back to the darkness

while briefly opening up

a portal of brightest light

from which joy

in its purest form

can be mined by those

brave enough

and smart enough

to take the

first step…


David L. Whitman 05/28/2012 from the water where I belong….



30 thoughts on “Joy Mining

  1. Ah you brave man…to sent these things screaming away…this is brilliant. Makes one feel brave from your bravery.

      • I totally feel bad for saying what I did on this mornings write…we write what ever our emotion is, and regardless of your reader…you should stay true to self…If that was how this morning was…then for sure, you did the right thing writing it out, regardless of what it makes your reader feel. This just proves what a good writer you are when you evoke emotion from all of us 🙂

  2. I like the feeling of coming out of a cave (haunted) into the light… I know that feeling, but you wrote it so well, David. Even the layout of this post is great– how the poem is centered under your photo, the words as if they are in the boat, or are the boat. Which, now that I reflect on that, is appropriate for you. : ) Sail on, ~ Lily

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