Wrong Way


though clearly marked..

the impending darkness

did not bode well for the feet

of today’s traveller..

ignoring the sensual warning,

The pull was magnetic in longing,

And desirous in its desolation..

Despite the clear wrongness

an adventure was about to be had

however cruel

and ugly the ending

was bound

to be…


29 thoughts on “Wrong Way

  1. Ick…this left me with ‘ick’…lovely work to raise a feeling of fear…not really what I felt like this am… and hope your day is not ‘ick’ πŸ™‚

  2. Yikes. Powerful. Perhaps there is a fork in the path? And no endings, only pauses and detours. This was excellent. I can relate to this poem much….only mine always have happy endings. hee hee
    Hope your holiday was lovely. The green of greens πŸ™‚ Sam

  3. Oh no…I’m worried. Not liking cruel adventures for you 😦 Though I’m finding myself in like-places these days. We will navigate our way out soon David… hang in! You did succeed at generating a lump in my core though …so great poetry!

  4. Eeek! I love this! So exciting I felt intrigued and ready to discover whatever awaits. I am quite adventurous though, and I think all things will eventually spiral into a happy ending. Like Sam said “Always happy endings.” πŸ™‚

  5. Eeek I think I will stick well any truly to the path – I’m a good girl, not a rule breaker!! Besides there may be them pesky faeries down there!!
    Wonderfully atmospheric with suspense!!!

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